School Fee(Japan)

Educational Grants: School Fee(Japan)

* All documents to be submitted must be completed in Japanese.
* Applications for fiscal year 2022 have been closed.

This grant subsidizes school fees for university students, graduate students, or students of licensed vocational schools in JAPAN to promote human resource development. The purpose is not only to acquire skills, but also to develop leadership that can contribute to the international community in various fields and at various levels by using Gifts given to each person. This grant will be delivered for the education and human resource development of the next generation.

About Educational Grants :School Fee


  1. This grant is a benefit and does not impose any obligation to repay.
  2. This grant is only applicable to school fees.


Applicants must be in need of financial and social support and meet all of the following criteria.

  • Students who are enrolled in a university (including junior college), a graduate school, or a licensed vocational school in Japan, and are in their second to final year of study between April and December 2021 (first-year students are not accepted)

  • Students residing in Japan (regardless of nationality)

  • Students who have been recommended by their academic advisor and the president through a screening process conducted by their school
    (After the application by the student through the recommendation by the school, the grant will be determined after a document screening and interviews by the Zaidan.)

  • Students who are interested in social issues and are sincerely committed to their studies as a student

  • Students who actively participate in a variety of activities outside of their studies and work hard to grow

* The number of students who can apply for the grant is limited to two per school (the school to which the student belongs must collect the documents and apply).
* In addition, although it is not a prerequisite for grant eligibility, preference will be given to Christian students and students with a deep understanding of Christianity.

[Details of the grant and the method of payment]

  1. The grant period is from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 at the maximum.
  2. The maximum amount of the grant is 500,000 yen per person per year (school fees only). However, the determined grant amount may differ from the applied amount depending on the selection process.
  3. The number of recipients is approximately 20.
  4. As a general rule, the grant will be paid by remittance to the dedicated account of the student’s school. If this is not possible, the grant is sent to the student’s account after the school sends a certificate of school fee payment.

[Application Process]

* Please submit a complete set of documents from the department in charge at your school (Student Affairs Division, etc.).

Application acceptance period: January 15, 2021 – February 15, 2021
* Applications have been closed.

Application documents must be submitted both by mail and email attachment by the deadline.

The postmark of the mailed document is valid on the day.

Documents to be submitted * by mail and email attachment

  • Recommendation letter (prepared by the applicant’s school)


    Application form (to be completed in Japanese by the applicant himself/herself)


    Materials that clearly state the school fees, such as school brochures

Application documents should be submitted to:

Mailing address: 
Wesley Center 301 6-10-11, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062, Japan
To Haibara, in charge of Legacy Fund Educational Grants, the Wesley Zaidan

Submit email attachment to:
Haibara, the Wesley Zaidan (

  1. Download the documents to be submitted from the grants page of the Wesley Zaidan’s website and fill them out in Japanese except where necessary such as proper nouns. If your academic advisor is not a native speaker of Japanese, only the part of the recommendation may be written in English.
  2. Submit the documents to the Wesley Zaidan by mail and email attachment.
  3. Please note that the submitted documents cannot be returned.
  4. During the selection process, you may be asked to submit additional materials as necessary.


The selection process will be conducted by the “Wesley Zaidan Legacy Fund Selection Committee” in the following steps.

  1. Document screening
  2. Interview (possibility of multiple interviews)
    Interviews will be implemented via ZOOM.
    The results of the selection process will be notified to the applicant and his/her school by a person in charge by the end of March 2021.

[Overview from grant decision to report submission]

  1. A person in charge at the Zaidan confirms the remittance method with the school

  2. Submission of pledge form, consent form and other procedural documents


    Upon receipt of the above documents by Wesley Zaidan, the grant will be remitted to the designated account

  4. Submission of report and transcript by mail or email attachment by March 31, 2022

* We may ask you for permission to post the report contents on our website and SNS.

[Obligations of the selected student]

Students who receive the grant are required to fulfill the following obligations.

  1. Submit the documents specified by Wesley Zaidan by the deadline
  2. In the following cases, notify Wesley Zaidan in the prescribed manner
    ・When the student takes a leave of absence, returns to school, transfers, or withdraws from school
    ・When the student is suspended from school
    ・When there is a risk of retention or postponement of graduation
    ・When there is a change in the information (address, contact information, etc.) submitted to Wesley Zaidan
  3. Actively participate in events and seminars hosted by Wesley Zaidan
  4. Participate in Wesley Zaidan’s network even after the grant period ends

[Suspension or cancellation of the grant]

Even after the grant decision has been made, the grant may be suspended or the student may be asked to return the grant in the following cases.

  • The application is deemed to include false statement
  • If the student’s academic performance or conduct is extremely poor, or if there is a risk that graduation may be postponed
  • In the case of a leave of absence, withdrawal, suspension, or when the student is absent for longer than one month
  • When it is found that the student has some relationship with antisocial forces
  • Other cases in which Wesley Zaidan deems it inappropriate

* Please be sure to read the application guide before filling out the application documents.

  • Educational Grants Application Guide (In Japanese only, more information go to here


For inquiries, please contact us at the email address below. (person in charge: Haibara)

*Please note that we are unable to answer inquiries regarding the reasons for acceptance or rejection.

* Please also refer to the FAQ

The Educational Grants (School Fee) is one of the “Legacy Fund.” For more information about the “Legacy Fund,” please click here