Reservation and Cancellation


You can check the availability of each conference room from the calendar below.

 #201 (Max. 15 people) in red            
 #204 (Max. 30 people) in green
 #101  (Max. 50 people) in blue      

 You will need your Wesley registration number to make a reservation. For information on how to register, please read our How to Use page.

 Reservation form is below the calendar. Availability can be checked on the calendar.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections, kindly consider the number of people to use each conference room.

*If you cannot view the calendar, please try using a browser other than Safari.

Reservation Form(Until December 2022)

For reservation, please submit the form below.

Reservation Form(From January 2023)


For cancelation, please submit the form below.