Humanitarian Work

One of the basic spirits of the Wesley Zaidan is “Faith, Hope, Love in Action.” Our mission of “Humanitarian Work” embodies this spirit. Our aim is to reach out to people who are in situations of difficulty or crisis, and to act together to solve various issues while staying close to them.

Our concept of “Humanitarian Work” refers to emergency support in times of disaster, as well as support for solving all kinds of social issues, including poverty, refugees, discrimination, and the environment for human rights. With the aim of realizing a society where all people can live together in peace, we place solving social issues as one of our missions.

We aim to support organizations and groups that solve social issues with love by providing them with cooperation and grants, and implementing collaborative projects in cooperation with domestic and international organizations. We hope that support is not one-sided, and that both the recipients and providers of support learn from and help each other, and share the hope of living together through the support.