Study Work Camp

Study Work Camp

The Study Work Camp is held for young people (from university-age up to the age of 30) living in Japan with the aim of developing the next generation who raise interest in social issues in Japan, acquire the ability to think about these issues, and live and serve together for solutions. The purpose of the camp is not only to visit organizations and groups addressing social issues in Japan and learn about their commitment, but also to learn about service as a practical experience through participation in service activities.

In the past, we have held the Study Work Camp in Hokkaido. The Study Work Camp in Hokkaido 2018 was held to deepen understanding of the history and culture of persecution the Ainu people had faced, to learn about the work of the community of people with mental disorders from multiple perspectives, and to deepen understanding of mental disorders. We will continue to plan and implement the Study Work Camp in Japan.
Although we have not held one in recent years, we had conducted study tours related to Christianity in the past, not just for the young.

Participants are required to take a pre-training in preparation for the Study Work Camp, submit a post-training report, and participate in a debriefing session at the end of the fiscal year. The schedule of the camp is approximately one week long.

Study Work Camp we have held in the past

Study tours we have held in the past

  • Nagasaki Study Tour 2014
    We conducted a study tour to Nagasaki to explore the history of Christianity by visiting historic churches that are World Heritage Sites.