Developing the Next Generation

One of our missions at the Wesley Zaidan is to “develop the next generation which can demonstrate leadership in the international community.” Our concept of leadership is not “the skill of standing at the top and instructing others,” but “the awareness and will to contribute using one’s Gift (knowledge, experience, skills, etc.) and the ability to act to change that awareness into action and try to influence society” in order to form a better society.

We conduct programs (training, seminars, lectures, etc.) in Japan and overseas to develop the next generation with leadership skills. In the training and seminars we conduct in Japan and overseas, we place importance on “knowing, meeting, and experiencing” and focus on cross-cultural and international exchange and international mutual understanding.

We believe that meeting, listening to, and spending time with people we don’t know opens our eyes to different perspectives from what we thought we knew before, and provides opportunities for deeper thinking and growth. We also believe that through international exchange, we provide opportunities for participants to “know themselves”, “know their own social culture”, and “learn and deepen their understanding of diverse social cultures” to learn the challenges and joys of living together, which leads to international mutual understanding and provides opportunities to develop the next generation to live and serve with the people of the world.

In addition to its domestic and international programs, the Wesley Zaidan aims to develop servant leaders who live and serve with the people of Asia and the world through Global Partnership Project, with the aim of further developing leadership that is interested in social and international issues and acts to solve them, on the occasion of the Foundation’s 10th anniversary.