Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission of the Wesley Zaidan

The Wesley Zaidan is a public benefit organization in 2010 for the purpose of “deepening international mutual understanding, contributing to the sound development of the mind and body of the people through education, and promoting social welfare based on the humanity of Christ.”
We conduct overseas and domestic training programs, lecture programs, Grants, overseas collaborative projects, and rental of conference rooms to support networking and community activities.

Our Vision

”Be Empowered for Transformation”

“Be Empowered for Transformation” I will change myself, I will change the world.
Each one of us has been given a unique and wonderful Gift. Knowing this allows us to be changed and grow. The Wesley Zaidan aims to help those of us who live in the international community to understand and respect each other’s Gift and work together to solve social issues.

Our Mission

While learning from the teachings of Jesus Christ on love and service, our mission is to develop leaders who will work to solve social issues in local communities in Japan and around the world under the motto “Faith, Hope, Love in Action.”

There are three pillars to our mission.

Women's Empowerment

To make all women aware of the Gift they have been given and use it to proactively contribute to society.

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Developing the Next Generation

To develop leaders of the next generation who will live and serve with the people of the world with awareness and responsibility to live in an international community.

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Humanitarian Work

To learn about various social issues in Japan and abroad, to work with mission partners in Japan and abroad to solve them, and to support these activities through Grants.

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