CHAD Laos: Projects of Building an Independent / Sustainable Community and Improving Hygiene


Goal: Improve food security and hygiene by training and building independent/sustainable communities in the rural area
Area: 3 areas, Nalair, Hoikharn and Nongchong
Period: April 2020-March 31, 2024 5 years

Project Area

Nalair, Hoikharn and Nongchong
District: Chompet
Province: Luang Prabang
Region: Northern Uplands
Total Population: 2496 (415 families)
Literacy Rate: 64% (Only 5% have reached college education)
Main Source of Income/Livelihood : Subsistence farming/agriculture
Average Family Income: Less than $50/Month
Access to Latrine: 10%

While Laos has been rapidly growing its economy in the past few years, the poverty issue remains to be serious. (poor: 44%) In particular, 80-90% of the rural population rely on traditional agriculture for living; however, have been suffering from lack of food, malnutrition, and poverty due to depts influenced by economic market fluctuation and climate change. To improve their lives, it is necessary to farm various and nutritious crops and produce livestock.
CHAD works in 3 ethnic communities (Nalair, Hoikharn, and Nongchong) of the Northern Uplands region for 5 years. There are 2,522 people of 415 households living in these communities, which their living/hygiene environment remains to the poor.
Wesley Zaidan collaborates with CHAD Laos and LMI (Laos Mission Initiative of the United Methodist Church Global Mission) to build an independent/sustainable community in Laos through the Legacy Fund.