Global Partnership Project

CHAD Laos Progress Report 3

The community in Hoican Village

Wesley Zaidan is collaborating with CHAD, the Mission Initiative Office, and local communities to implement a 5-year project in Vietnam and Laos.

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Community members digging to install a latrine’s septic tank

The CHAD program’s scope extends beyond the mere provision of toilets and animals; it actively enhances the community’s self-sufficiency through capacity building, encompassing knowledge, skills, and attitudes. From April to June of 2023, CHAD conducted 3 pieces of training for the local church and 3 pieces of training for ingroup formation and capacity training, which included 16 women participants to deepen the community’s understanding of the theory and practice of sustainable development. As a result, communities are empowered to share the acquired expertise with neighboring villages, fostering a collective exchange of skills and wisdom. 

Impact story—an interview with the Village chief of Hoican

Interviewing the Village chief

According to interviews with the village head and authorities, the local government in Hoican supports the work of CHAD, as community members convene to aim for prosperity and raise overall health and living standards. Beyond physical infrastructure, the CHAD project imparts knowledge, capacity building, and food security methods, fostering comprehensive development and a shift from external aid reliance to self-sufficiency.