Global Partnership Project

Global Partnership Project: Partnership Inspection Visit Nepal

Wesley Zaidan, in collaboration with partner organizations, is conducting projects to assist local communities in achieving self-sustainability through leadership development and skill training, thereby improving economic strength, welfare, healthcare, and education. These projects aim to foster social and economic independence by actively involving and collaborating with the local community. The Partnership Project is one of the initiatives launched in 2020, inspired by the legacy of missionaries who dedicated their efforts to the development of education and welfare in Japan and Asia.

The project in Nepal began in 2022. In April 2023, for the first time since the start of the project, Director Koide and External Director Kong visited the project site in Nepal to deepen their interactions with the staff of partner organizations and the local community.


NPCS Nepal

Wesley Zaidan collaborates with the Nepalese NGO NPCS (Nutrition Promotion & Consultancy Service) and the Irish government (Misean Cara) to implement a three-year project in the Kanchanrap area of Nepal. The project aims to improve the nutritional habits and nutritional status of women and children in the community.

During this visit, observations were made regarding the efforts of the staff of the Nepalese NGO NPCS, the female health volunteers in the operational area, as well as the mothers and children in the community. The project involves the use of locally available food for nutritional meals, workshops to impart nutritional knowledge, and gatherings to monitor children’s growth (including weight measurements) for the improvement of nutritional habits and status. Through this project, not only has there been an improvement in nutritional status, but also the creation of a space for mothers who were previously raising children alone, indicating a positive and meaningful change.

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