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CHAD Vietnam: Project Report 3

The building process of Mr. A Nhun’s well.

Wesley Zaidan is collaborating with CHAD, the Mission Initiative Office, and local communities to implement a 5-year project in Vietnam and Laos. A report from the first quarter (April-June) of the fourth year of the CHAD Vietnam project has been received from the site. Currently, they are working on improving the region’s hygiene environment, with a focus on installing sanitary toilet facilities, wells, and strengthening self-reliant and sustainable community development in the 2023 fiscal year.

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During the 1st quarter of this fiscal year,  a report has been received that CHAD made significant strides in its efforts to promote sustainable development and improve living conditions in the communities they serve. They conducted regular team meetings and training sessions on sustainability and phase-out strategies, fostering capacity building among staff and community representatives. Notable projects included the establishment of toilets, wells, and chicken-raising initiatives, complemented by educational sessions on hygiene and livestock care. Monthly meetings with project leaders ensured smooth progress monitoring. Additionally, CHAD actively engaged in networking and partnership development, collaborating with authorities and village health partners. The community celebrated positive changes, with increased environmental awareness and improved livelihood practices. However, challenges persisted, including resistance to change from some members of the community who preferred traditional ways of raising livestock, as well as weather-related issues affecting crops and livestock. Despite obstacles, CHAD remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering sustainable growth and positive transformations in the communities they serve.



CHAD's impact in Siu Village

church member from Siu Village standing next to one of the newly installed toilets


In  Siu Village, three churches lacked toilets, which created difficulties for their members during services and meetings. To address this urgent need, CHAD decided to construct toilets in these three churches as a priority and use them as a model for other villages in future projects. The implementation of this initiative involved mobilizing resources from within the church.