CHAD Vietnam Progress Report 1

The Wesley Zaidan, in collaboration with CHAD, the Mission Initiative Office, and the local community, is implementing a 5-year project in Vietnam and Laos. For more details about the project, please click here.

As part of the project’s efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene, well construction is being carried out to ensure access to safe water.

Please read the story of individuals who have benefited from the project’s well construction and now have access to safe water.

Mr. Song, who is from Konvan Village in Vietnam, used to rely on water from a nearby pond as the only water source for himself and his family. They had to fetch water from the pond multiple times a day for activities like laundry and watering plants. Moreover, the pond water was not hygienic enough for drinking, so they had to purchase drinking water.

Through CHAD Vietnam’s well construction project, Mr. Song and his family now have access to safe water that they can drink. This well-construction project has not only benefited Mr. Song’s family (consisting of 7 members) but also supported four other families living nearby.

Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. 


Well constructed by the community project

Program Staff