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Service Work Camp in the Philippines-CLOSED-


We are no longer accepting applications for Service Workd Camp in the Philippines 2019.
On our Philippine work camp 2019, we will visit NPO Buklod Tao at San Mateo which is working towards making communities well-prepared against natural disaster. We will learn strategies to manage the risk in dealing with natural disasters. We will have activities with local people to work on making walls outside of their main office building.
We also plan to visit Batis center for Women ( for supporting human trafficking victims and children) to learn how to operate their activities .
Why not join this program and have a wonderful time meeting and talking with new people through this work camp program?

Program Schedule: March 5th Tuesday~ 11th Monday 6nights 7 days.
Places :Quezon City and Province of Rizal, the Philippines
Travel fee: JPY 180,000 (individual payment JPY 50,000)
Application due end: Thank you to all those who applied.
Capacity of participants: 9 *We give priority to those who apply for first time.

Who may Apply?:
1) Christian or No resistant to Christianity (we have a service every day during this work camp.)
2) Any women and men aged between 18(secondary school graduators) and 40.
3) Applicants need to have an interview after their documents are screened.
4) Applicant’s health must be good enough to do camp works. Be able to adapt to a new environment and work in team. Will also need to be able to volunteer themselves to community activities.
5) Mandatory to attend orientation meeting (held in Dec.26th) and preparation meeting (held in Feb 6th and 26th). Meeting via Skype is acceptable.
6) Also it is mandatory to join the meeting (held in June 4th ) to report after this camp .
7) Participants need to submit the report after this camp and the due date is March 19th.
8) Participants need to agree to join the travel insurance Wesley Zaidan appoints.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact Wesley Zaidan program@wesley.or.jp
Please read the details on the flyer before you apply →Here
Download the recommendation letter format →Word PDF→pdf

Here are some of the comments from participants from last year.

My world has been broadened through my experiences on this camp. I no longer focus on what I have or what I have done. I now recognize how spoilt and weak I am. What a spoilt environment I live in. I have wasted my time although I have enough time to do many things .This camp has been an eye opener to me and has changed my attitude towards my entire life.
(Female, University student)

My experiences from this camp has made me more aware of what is going on this world.
(Male, University student.)