The 2022 Social Justice Activity Grants Application

Wesley Zaidan is pleased to announce the 2022 Social Justice Activity Grants are open for application.

This grant is only for Organizations that have offices in Japan and are active in the intended fields for grants (1) to (6) (Schools are included. It does not matter if they have corporate status or not, but they must have a track record of intended activities for grants for at least one year.)

(1) Healthy development of children or adolescents
(2) Activities that promote social welfare
(3) Promotion of international mutual understanding
(4) Activities for socially vulnerable groups
(5) Activities for women’s empowerment
(6) Revitalization of local communities

Also, the application forms have to be written in Japanese.

  • Activities that can be carried out in Japan and overseas, and that can return the results to Japan
  • Activities that are not based on the missionary work of a particular religion or denomination, or on the philosophy of a particular political organization
  • Activities that are not profit-oriented or not resulting profit directly
  • No involvement with antisocial forces

The deadline for the application is December 1st, 2021 5:00 pm (JST). 

For further information please click here. (Japanese page)