Seminar / Lecture

Youth Forum 2015

Youth Forum 2015 was held at the Wesley Center on January 16th. Mr. Nobuyuki Sato, director of RAIK (Research Action Institute for the Koreans in Japan), was invited to speak on the topic of “hate speech”. This forum was sponsored by Waseda Houshien, SCF (Student Christian Fellowship) and the Wesley Foundation.

Mr. Sato spoke about the current situation and the problems that not only Koreans in Japan are facing, but other Asian minority groups as well. He showed video footage of anti-Korean rallies held by right-wing groups in Korean areas of Tokyo. The most shocking thing was that many of the protesters were of high school and university age. This brought up the question of who is teaching the younger generation such ideas.

During small group discussions, the participants (many of whom are Koreans in Japan) shared their personal experiences of encountering prejudice. They also discussed ideas on how to eliminate hate speech and how to support those that have been victims of prejudice.