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Mission Service Work Camp 2024 in Cambodia



As part of a project of social welfare activities carried out by Christian churches in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a skills training program has been implemented. Currently, the construction of a skills training center is underway. In this mission service work camp, Christian youth from Asia and local people will collaborate on construction tasks such as interior work, painting, and more for the center. The aim of this center is to enable individuals to strive for economic independence through skills training Additionally, every afternoon, participants will learn about Cambodian social issues, history, and the social welfare activities of the Christian church and NGO. On Sunday, participants will attend the Cambodian Methodist Church services and also have plans for city tours.

Why not join this program and have a wonderful time meeting and talking with new people through this mission service work camp program?

Program Schedule: July 30th Tuesday~ August 5th, Monday. (Travel days are July 29th and August 5th)
                 (The camp will start from the morning of July 30th and end by the morning of August 5th)
Places: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Participation Fee: Free, but participants are responsible for covering their international travel expenses to the local destination.
                        * Wesley Zaidan will cover accommodation, meals, and transportation expenses during the program period.
Excluded Expenses: Passport fees, travel expenses from your country to Cambodia, personal expenses, travel insurance costs, and visa fees.

Application due end: June 1, 2024 (Please contact your church for more detailed information)
Capacity of participants: 2 from each country (Please contact your church for more detailed information)

Who may Apply?:
1) Christians or those not resistant to Christianity (we have a service every day during this work camp.)
2) Women and men aged between 18(secondary school graduates) and 40.
3) Applicant’s health must be good enough to perform light labor. Be able to adapt to a new environment and work in team. Will also need to be able to volunteer themselves to community activities. Able to communicate in English.
4) Participants must submit the report after this camp by the due date.
5) Participants must purchase the travel insurance.

Should you have any inquiries, please contact Wesley Zaidan program@wesley.or.jp
Person in Charge for the program: Natsuko Taito (Ms)