Meet our new intern, Nobuki

Meet our new intern, Nobuki Kim (Photo: front left). She will be working mainly for our programs till the end of March.

Her first assignment was to go to the Peace Seminar held in Seoul at the beginning of this month. She took a lead in the program, in which three other female students participated. Adding to English and Japanese, she also communicates in Korean. Through the seminar, Nobuki realized the importance of global perspectives. “Even when you think of issues in Japan, we need to look at it as a part of global issues.”

She is very positive about her internship. “I will do my best for this internship. I would like to connect young people who are active by their own ways. If they can be connected with each other, it should be a pretty powerful experience for everybody,” she said.

With her charming smile, she has already been a powerful member of the Foundation.