from Participants:Living like trees

A few of us, did the farming again! So, we took out the weed and dug the potato from the ground in the early morning around 6:30 am before our breakfast!! Following the breakfast, it is time for devotion. During our devotion time, we watched a short animation film called “The Man Who Grew Trees.” The story is about a man who plants thousands of trees at the desert that he is living. After some years the desert turned out to be a very beautiful place full with trees, flowers and birds. Then we went and visited to Wondaeri Birch Forest. We walked and went up there about an hour. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and very beautiful. We had our lunch with individual group under the birch trees.

The last place that we went is Naetgang Village. The village is full with natural resources and traditional lifestyle. We had a chance to learn how to make 3 kinds of Korean traditional snacks, which are Rice cake, Red Bean pancake and Potato pancake. While we are doing all those traditional snacks, we were also enjoying the nature of the earth since the place is along with the river and mountains. After we have done with doing the traditional snacks, we had a good reflection time. Our reflection for the day is “if you were a tree what would you say to people?” Every group came up with very nature answer since we lived very close with the trees the whole day. Trees; with their leaves and branch, they can give shade to people, give oxygen to people, give a place to stay for birds, give fruits and vegetable to eat for people and they are rooted and strong. We as a human being should live like trees in those ways.

Finally, we were going back to Seoul and saying goodbye to Inje, all the trees, mountains and rivers.

Although, we only stayed there for three days and two nights, we learnt a lot about the DMZ, Korean War and we were able to stay very close to mother earth. This short trip gave us the meaning of peaceful living way.