Leadership Seminar in Myanmar *PART 1*

The Women’s Leadership Development Seminar in Myanmar took place from November 15th to November 21st. Fifty four participants from nine countries in Asia gathered in Myanmar. In order to support this seminar, the Wesley Foundation sent 3 women – Ms. Nakamura, Ms. Yoshida and Ms. Yoshimura, to participate in the program.

Day One
After a morning departure from Narita airport and connection in Bangkok, we arrived in Yangon Airport in Myanmar that night. We were given a warm welcome by the Myanmar women at the airport and along with participants from other countries, they brought us safely to our lodging. Myanmar was much warmer than Tokyo, feeling almost like summer.

Day Two
The seminar began on November 16th with prayer time. The cloths brought from each country were placed in the center of the room to symbolize a safe place of learning where each participant can have peace of mind, knowing that even with various cultural backgrounds, we were all sent by God to participate in this community of faith. After prayer time, each participant wrote on a piece of paper how they wanted to grow, and their determination for gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and attached it to the wall.

The next part of the program was orientation. The participants learned about the history, geography, culture and food of Myanmar.
After a break, the chairperson of the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center in Korea gave a lecture on “Becoming Leader of My Life”. He spoke about his personal experiences with strong emphasis on living life not only for personal gain, but for the happiness of others. The participants listened intently to his presentation.

During dinner, all the participants wore traditional clothing from their country. The women from Myanmar introduced things about their country and their culture. They also taught everyone a traditional dance of Myanmar. Everyone had a wonderful time.