New Staff

Wesley Foundation welcomed two new staff in June!
Let us introduce the other new staff, Tsuneya Kiguchi!

My name is Tsuneya Kiguchi. I joined the Wesley Foundation in June, 2020.
I am now in charge of administration, including general affairs, finance, and accounting.

When I was born, I was not breathing because the umbilical cord was wrapped around my throat, which was saved by an experienced doctor who was on spot. I was told by my parents that “it is a miracle that you are alive, which was possible by everyone’s help” as I grew.

I have been gaining experience in several workplaces, with the hope to be able to use my life for everyone as I am kept alive by many people’s help.
When I was involved in the sales of real estate, the customers’ happiness of obtaining a new house was my happiness.
When I was managing the contracts of house sales, it was my pleasure to be appreciated by the customers that they were able to transact real estate safely.
When I was starting up a care home, my hope was to be able to make as many residents happy as possible.
When I was a Life Consultant Social Worker at a care home for elders, the residents cried in joy just by sitting next to them and listening to them for hours.
When I supported the Missionaries from foreign countries, they were delighted that I helped their children enter nurseries.
The happiness I have received from everyone has given me the reason to live until today.

The Wesley Foundation is inheriting the spirit of John Wesley who started the movement of practicing God’s love in socially vulnerable people. While inheriting the same spirit, I would like to leave everything to God’s will, and make use of my past experiences at Wesley Foundation for God’s work. I am working every day with the awe and expectation of being able to challenge a new job in a new area.

Thank you.