COVID-19 Grants for Urgent Humanitarian Support to Asian Countries: The Philippines

Wesley Zaidan provided grants for urgent relief and humanitarian support offered in Asia-Pacific region in the midst of spreading COVID-19. The funds were raised In cooperation with our mission partners: Scranton Women’s Leadership Center, Global Ministries Asia-Pacific Regional Office, and United Methodist Women. The grants were provided for 11 projects conducted in 7 countries.


We would like to introduce emergency-relief work conducted by Global Ministries Manila Agency Center in the Philippines, which is one of the organizations Wesley Foundation supported.


Metropolitan Manila and other areas in the Philippines were frequently placed under a lockdown after the middle of March 2020. A number of workers such as drivers, houseworkers, self-employed individuals, and day laborers lost their jobs and have been in difficulty to go about their daily lives under the influence of the lockdown.


Global Ministries Manila Agency Center provided 705 sets of foodstuffs for seven to ten days and hygiene products to families in need in April through May 2020. It was conducted in cooperation with six local churches that reach out to needy families in the suburbs of Manila.


As a response to COVID-19, the Filipino government has been implementing general community quarantines consisting of four levels across the nation. As of June 11, 2020, Metropolitan Manila has been placed under the third strictest level of the general community quarantines, so it seems to be on an easing trend. However, the situation doesn’t allow premature conclusions. We remember in prayers those who tend to be placed in vulnerable positions.