The 2020 Social Justice Activity Grants: Introducing the work of beneficiaries

We would like to introduce one of the beneficiaries of Social Justice Activity Grants provided in 2020, called “Kanita Fujin no Mura, Women’s Long-term Protection Facility of Bethesda Houshijo Haha no Ie” (hereinafter called “Kanita Fujin no Mura”).

Kanita Fujin no Mura supports women in need of protection, who are legally prescribed by Anti-prostitution Act (i.e. women who are in difficulty to support themselves and likely to become victims of prostitution), especially those who have intellectual disability and mental disorder and who are in need of livelihood support and protection for a long term. They are from around the nation. They create a community, participating in activities during the day such as agriculture, laundry, bread making, handicraft and cooking, according to their own capabilities.

Last year, Wesley Foundation contributed to purchase a light truck for farm work to replace with a track damaged by Typhoon No. 15. The picture here was sent by Kanita Fujin no Mura for a report on their activities.

  • You can go to the website of “Bethesda Houshijo Haha no Ie” from here.