Leadership Seminar in Myanmar *PART 5*

Day 6

On the last day of the seminar, the participants were given the opportunity to reflect on what they learned during the 4 days and shared how they were planning to use these skills in their lives. They decided that the most important thing was to stay connected. One of the participants from Singapore immediately set up an SNS group site and they are currently communicating through this site. This site is a place where the participants can share their ideas and find comfort in their daily lives, as well as pray for each other.

After the closing worship service, each participant was given a certificate of completion. There were many hugs as the participants took photos. It seemed like no one wanted the seminar to end.

In the afternoon, the participants from Myanmar arranged an excursion for the Korean and Japanese participants who were ill during the seminar and couldn’t go to the site visit. They had a wonderful time seeing popular sites such as the riverside, a famous temple and the marketplace. They also got to eat at a popular Burmese restaurant and experience the local tastes.

Day 7

We left the hotel in the morning, and headed to Yangon Airport. After a stopover in Bangkok, we arrived safely in Japan.