Leadership Seminar in Myanmar *BONUS *

Here is the seminar schedule, followed by video comments from two of the participants.

November 15 (Sun)Narita→Bangkok→Yangon
November 16 (Mon)Reception, opening worship service, orientation, opening remarks, reception dinner
November 17 (Tue)Devotion time, bible study, workshops, reflection time, culture sharing (Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore)
November 18 (Wed)Site visit to the Women’s Development Center, lunch reception, tour of Scott marketplace, site visit and dinner reception at the local English church and culture sharing (Japan, Singapore)
November 19 (Thu)Devotion time, training seminars, reflection and culture sharing (Malaysia, The Philippines, Korea)
November 20 (Fri)Devotion time, creating a plan for action, closing worship and then sightseeing in the afternoon
November 21 (Sat)Yangon→Bangkok→Narita

Here are the video links to the interviews from two of the Japanese participants. English subtitles included.

Click here for Ms. Ritsuko Nakamura’s comments.

Click here for Ms. Chiaki Yoshida’s comments.