from Participants: Learning about Comfort Women

私にとってこのピースセミナーにおいてのキーワードはComfort Womenでした。以前から日本語訳のこの言葉をきいたことはありましたが、これについて学んだことは特になかったので、セミナーが始まる前の課題の資料を通してどういうものなのかを学びました。資料に目を通したあと、自分の国がこのような残虐なことを第二次世界大戦中にしたという事実を目の当たりにしてショックでした。また、被害国の韓国へ平和について学びに行っても、日本人として参加する私は歓迎されないのではないかという不安がありました。

My key word of this seminar was “Comfort Women.” Though I had known the word even before I decided to join the seminar, I would say I knew no details about it. After I read assignments for cyber class, I was shocked by what my mother coutnry did. At the same time, I worried if other participants welcome us, who will be there representing Japan.


Despite my late arrival, everybody welcomed so warmly that made me so happy and excited. Through the sessions I learned examples of twisted definition of peace and women’s rights, I realized that I was overwhelmed by realizing how tough to change the society. One of the participants told me that anger was driving force of actions for improvement and “peace maker” is the one who transforms the anger into non-violent resolutions. Her words were eye opening.

My negative view developed by reading assignments was dissolved through the seminar. Though I am a Japanese and my country did awful things in the past, I cannot be decisive about the past. Rather, as a female participant, I should learn more about how to protect women’s rights in a peaceful manner. I also realized that my anger is a proof of my identity and love for my country. It was very meaningful for me to notice that.
I am very grateful that God gave me this precious opportunity to join the seminar. I am thanking every one of the participants who taught me so many things. Thank you, thank you, thank you.