Meet our new intern, Sol Lee

Sol Lee has joined our staff as an intern for the upcoming Asian Young Women’s Leadership Development Seminar in Vietnam. Please read her self-introduction below.

Questions about my identity are usually the most difficult for me to answer. Despite holding a Korean passport and officially being a Korean on documents, I have only lived in Korea until the age of three. Even in Japan, I had always attended an international American school which made me feel a distance from the Japanese culture. I would say my greatest memories and identity were formed in New Zealand where I lived for five years, however the period was not enough for me to feel like I was a kiwi. Looking back my identity has been a pile of diverse experiences that have made me into who I am today. One thing I can say for sure is that I greatly enjoying learning and experiencing new cultures and meeting people of diverse ethnicity. This is probably the greatest reason that I applied to the Asian Young Women’s Leadership Development Seminar in Vietnam 2017. Being able to experience a whole week with a group of young leader’s from Asia with unique stories to tell would definitely help me gain a new perspective on the world around me. I hope to learn and gain many experiences through this Seminar.
As an intern I have been helping out in preparing documents and also preparing for the seminar itself. I was also able to learn more about Vietnam as a country while organizing information for the seminar. I am greatly looking forward to finally being able to experience the rich culture of Vietnam in February with everybody from the seminar.