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Trip to Nagasaki, Hidden Christian Islands

Church.jpgA tour visiting Christian historical heritages in Goto Islands and Nagasaki which are well known as areas hidden Christians inhabited during Edo Samurai Period and thereafter.
November 13 to 16th, 2014
Accomodations Nagasaki City and Fukue Island
Itinerary November 13 Nagasaki City Tour Visiting 26 Martyrs Museum and Shrine and some other peace/Christian related places
November 14 Going to Fukue Island and touring within the island.
November 15 Touring on water taxis. Visiting a wooden Gotheque Church and Christian Cave.
November 16 Visiting Kami Goto Island. Attending to the service. Departing Nagasaki at around 17:30
Participation Fee 20,000 yen
Transportation cost to and from Nagasaki should be covered by participants.
Number of participants invited About 10
Please apply by October 15th
Application Please sign up trhough the website. You will find the Aplication Form here. We will send you application form in return.
Photo courtesy Yun Free Photo Materials