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To serve our missions Wesley Foundation provides various programs:
1) In-house programs for advocacy
2) Providing opportunities to participate in seminars/training for several days in and outside Japan.


We offer scholarships for students and adults to participate in various training programs, including leadership training sessions in/outside Japan.
These are some of the programs we recently offered:

Leadership training

  • Peace seminar in Korea for Japanese, American and Korean students
  • Leadership training for Christian women in Asia
  • A youth camp in USA for young people from the Fukushima area

In-house Programs

Lectures and workshops focusing on various social issues are regularly hosted at Wesley Center. Some of our recent lectures dealt with, amongst others:

A scene from our program at #205

  • Violence against women
  • Migration issues in Japan
  • Forum dealing with social issues amongst university students
  • Up to date reports in the field of education, art, and clinical practice.