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Our New Intern

We are happy to introduce our new intern, Seika Kimizuka. She will be assisting with the Young Women's Leadership Development Program in Indonesia.

Seika Intern.jpg

Here is her message:
"Ever since I participated in the Young Women's Leadership Development Program in 2015 in Cambodia, I have had a strong interest in empowerment. This was the first time I had been to a developing country and the first time I came in contact with child labor and poverty. What I learned in Cambodia made me think about ways people could escape from poverty without having to rely on aid or assistance. I met many people of different nationalities and wondered why God created me as a Japanese woman as well as how I can live my life as a Christian woman and apply myself towards a solution to social issues.
After the program, as I continued to think about "solutions to social issues" and my life as a Christian woman, my purpose became clearer. I felt that doing this internship for the Leadership Program in Cambodia would help me progress on my path. I am looking forward to approaching this program from a different point of view from when I was a participant. I hope that my previous experience will help me support the participants both mentally and spiritually. I am truly looking forward to this experience. "

Welcome, Seika!