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Our New Staff

We welcomed two new staff to our organization in June. Let us introduce one of them, Haruna Ueda.


My name is Haruna Ueda. I joined the Wesley Foundation in June 2020, and am currently in charge of general affairs and finances.

Previously, I worked in an investment bank's operations department for almost a decade.
I've been away from the workplace for the past few years, but during that time, I started thinking about returning to the workplace through what I experienced and through meeting people in various positions. I began turning my eyes to NGOs and NPOs that focus on humanitarian assistance, wanting to learn and grow by putting my experiences to work. That was a change from the economic benefits I had been pursuing.

Meanwhile, when the new coronavirus began to spread worldwide and the poor, developing countries and vulnerable groups were being left behind, I felt the need more and more for that kind of work, and I happened to see that the Wesley Foundation was looking for someone.

My desire is that we would carry on in the spirit of John Wesley, not only in faith and hope, but also learning how to act with love and fill up what we lack in each of those virtues, and embody them in the Foundation.
I had been praying that God would guide me to a suitable place of work, and am so grateful that He has led me here.

It's been about a month since I joined the foundation, and I'm feeling the joy of working with wonderful people in a great environment like never before.

Thank you very much.