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Information of Rental Office

Meeting Room Information

Wesley Center meeting rooms are ideal for conferences, seminars, and small or large meetings. We are easily accessible from Shibuya Station or Omotesando Station.

A variety of restaurants are located on Roppongi Dori, Kotto Dori or Aoyama Dori. The building is constructed with the latest earthquake technology.

The staff are friendly and will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Our Meeting Rooms

  • #205 Seating capacity up to 70
  • #204 Seating capacity up to 30
  • #201 Seating capacity up to 15
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Registration Form (For 1st time users, submit registration from before reserving rooms)
Guidelines of room usage (Please read BEFORE reserving)


Seating capacity up to 70

  • Conference tables
  • Chairs with removable desk tops
  • Additional chairs available
  • White board
  • Internet Connection

seminar room_box_204.png

Seating capacity up to 30

  • Conference tables
  • Chairs
  • Internet Connection
  • White board


Seating capacity up to 15

  • 4 conference tables
  • chairs
  • TV monitor
  • Internet Connection
  • White board