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Scholarship Recipients at ARI

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The Asian Rural Institute's opening ceremony was held on April 11, 2015. This year, ARI welcomed 33 participants from 20 countries. Here, leaders, both women and men, who live and work in grassroots rural communities primarily in Asia, Africa and the Pacific, form a community of learning each year together with staff and other residents. Through community-based learning they study the best ways for rural people to share and enhance resources and abilities for the common good. The Wesley Foundation supports this program by providing scholarships for the participants each year. This year, the recipients are Ms. Sabitra Chaudhary (pictured above, left of Rev. Kokai) from Nepal, and Mr. Joseph Ndirangu Gitimu (pictured above, right of Rev. Kokai) from Kenya.

Ms. Chauhary is from the Dang district. At ARI, she hopes to learn organic farming and is interested in the principles of servant leadership. After her time at ARI, she wants to work with her community to motivate farmers to start and run an organic farm that will serve the whole community, and to improve food security and sustainabililty and raise the living standards of community members.

Mr. Gitimu is from the Narok district. He plans to focus on field management activities and foodlife work, especially livestock feeding, nutrition and management while at ARI. Food production has become an issue in his community so he believes that this opportunity "will be an opener to learn ways and methods of ensuring rural families how to produce foods with their hands."

Rev. Kokai, Representative Director of the Wesley Foundation, attended the opening ceremony and had the opportunity to meet and get to know the recipients, as well as some of the other participants.