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from Participants: My stay at DMZ(非武装地帯体験)

Inje1.JPGDuring our Young Women's Leadership Seminar (Be a Peacemaker), we had a great chance to go and explore more about the Peace-Life Valley in INJE. We learnt more about the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), Korean War and felt closer to the nature of our mother earth.
平和を作る人になろう! という今回のピースセミナーでは、麟蹄(インジェ)郡の非武装地帯に行く機会にも恵まれました。非武装地帯、朝鮮戦争について深く学び、また、自然に囲まれその豊かさを実感する貴重なひと時となりました。

We left from Seoul around 9:00 am to Inje. We arrived there around lunch time. When we arrived there, although the sun is very shinning, the air is very fresh and our healthy lunch is waiting for us. After our lunchtime, we had an orientation about the DMZ and the session of denuclearization led by Sung-Ok Lee. After taking a break for a while, we went to the DMZ museum. It is interesting that they displayed not only about the Korean War but also we can see the ecology around the area such as birds and flower. Then again we had our dinnertime with delicious organic food.
ソウルから麟蹄までは、バスで3時間ほど。お昼近くなってついた麟蹄は、お日様はかんかん照りなのに、空気がとてもさわやか。しかも、おいしい昼食が私たちを待っていてくれました。食後、Ms. Leeを中心に非核化のセッション、その後DMZ博物館を見学しました。朝鮮戦争だけでなく、麟蹄一帯の生態系についての展示もあり、これも非常に興味深いものでした。

Militaly.jpgAfterward, we watched the film called "Dear Pyongyang." It is a documentary film directed by Yang Yong-hi who is a Korean woman living in Japan (Zainichi). It is about her family. Her father is a strong communist and leader of the pro-north moment in Japan. In the film, basically it shows the conversation with her dad, herself alone and the whole family visit to Pyongyang. During the conversation with her dad, she asked her dad about his ideological faith for North Korea and his regret over sending his three sons to Pyongyang.
おいしい自然食の夕食のあとは、梁英姫(ヤン・ヨンヒ)監督によるドキュメンタリー作品『ディア・ピョンヤン Dear Pyongyang』はを見ました。共産主義者で北朝鮮を支持する梁監督のお父さんを中心にした、彼女の家族を題材にした映画です。一家でピョンヤンを訪ねる梁家の家族の会話、特にお父さんとの会話や、ピョンヤンに返した3人の息子たちへの思いなどがつづられています。