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AYWLD 2018 in Indonesia

Voices of Participants:
AYWLD 2018 in Indonesia


Voices of participants are posted on our Facebook page during each seminar.
This article is a collection of such voices of those who participated in Asian Young Women's Leadership Development Seminar 2018 in Indonesia (AYWLD 2018 in Indonesia), which was held from January 31 to February 7, 2018.

AYWLD2018 FB掲載記事1.jpg研修一日目 参加者:真帆さん

Day 1 of the seminar. Maho's reflection of the day:
We had such a full day today - after arriving, we had the welcome ceremony, devotion time and a gala dinner. What struck me the most was the beauty of respecting each other's values and identity. It made me happy that our hearts could connect through prayer. I am looking forward to learning a lot here!

AYWLD2018 FB掲載記事2.jpg研修二日目 参加者:実さん
男性と女性の収入のギャップなど日本と共通するものがあり、全ての国の共通の課題がわかりました。また、児童結婚など日本にいてはあまり聞かない話も知ることができました。ニュースで知るよりも友人の国の問題として聞くと問題に対する印象が変わりました。他にも、諸外国の発表を聞くことで、AIDSや中絶など日本でも注目しなければならない問題に気づくことができました。Be a Peacemakerがこのセミナーのテーマです。社会問題のために行動し、苦しんでいる人のよき理解となることで、平和を作る者となりたいです。

Day 2 of the seminar. Minori's reflection of the day:
Today we had presentations from each represented country on social issues and issues regarding women. I learned that the difference in salaries is not only a problem in Japan, but in all countries. I also learned about child brides, which is something we don't really hear much about in Japan. It left such an impact on me to hear about these issues directly from friends who have experienced them, unlike hearing about it on the news. I realized that I need to be more aware of issues such as AIDS and abortion. This seminar is about "being a peacemaker". In order to be a peacemaker, I want to work towards understanding and helping those who are suffering.

AYWLD2018 FB掲載記事3.jpg研修三日目 参加者:志保さん
今日は1日観光をし、昨日の座学とは違う学びを得ることができました。午前中はTaman Mini Indonesiaを訪問し、インドネシアの民族や文化を知ることで、知識を深めることができました。その後レストランで昼食べ、Rawinala Foundation(様々な障害を持った方々が暮らす施設)を訪問しました。Rawinala Foundationでは様々な障害を持つ方々との時間を共有し、彼らからたくさんのエネルギーをもらいました。今日も内容盛りだくさんの1日で、充実した時を過ごすことができました。

Day 3 of the seminar. Shiho's reflection of the day:
Today was very different from yesterday's indoor session. First we went to Taman Mini Indonesia, met the locals and learned about Indonesian culture. We had lunch at a restaurant and then visited the Rawinala Foundation, a facility for people with disabilities. We received so much energy and encouragement from everyone there! It was an amazing day full of new experiences.

AYWLD2018 FB掲載記事4.jpg研修四日目 参加者:英恵(はなえ)さん
「Wesley Methodist Churchの礼拝に参加しました。学校も併設する大きな教会です。礼拝の中で何度も賛美をし続けること、聖餐のパンは一斤のパンをちぎってブドウジュースに浸すこと、その違いがとても新鮮でした。共通していることは、神様の家族である私たちは神様に従い、いつも愛される者であるということ。世界中の教会で礼拝を捧げている家族がいる、そんな喜びと勇気をもらった日曜日でした。」

Day 4 of the seminar. Hanae's reflection of the day:
Today we attended Wesley Methodist Church, which is a big church that even has a school. We sang many hymns. Communion service was a loaf of bread from which we each tore off a piece and soaked it in grape juice. This was different from what I was used to but I realized that we are the same - part of God's family, living in God's love. Knowing that we are connected all over the world through our prayers at church this Sunday gave me joy and courage.

AYWLD2018 FB掲載記事5.jpg研修5日目 参加者:千紘(ちひろ)さん
「Bible studyとWorkshop ではグループワークや講義を通して、どのようにリーダーシップを取るのか・リーダーが持っているものは何か・身近なものからみる社会問題などについて学びました。その中でも特に印象に残っていることがあります。『先進国、途上国は経済的な視点から物事を判断したにすぎない。先進国にいれば皆幸せなのか、途上国にいるから幸せでないのか。』この言葉からステレオタイプや型にはまった考え方だけでなく、広い視野と様々な視点から物事を見ることの大切さを改めて学びました。沢山の学びを得た後は待ちに待ったculture sharing!!! 各国の文化を学んだと同時にとても楽しい時間を過ごしました。残すはあと1日、仲間との時間を大切にし 、最終日に臨みたいです。」

DSC08432.JPGDay 5 of the seminar. Chihiro's reflection of the day:
Today we learned how to take a leadership, what leaders should have, and social issues related to familiar products through engaging in group work and lectures in Bible study and a workshop. In particular, this word was impressive to me. "Economic point of view categorizes nations into either developed countries or developing countries. However, does it guarantee that all the people in developed countries are happy and that all the people in developing countries are unhappy?" The word made me pause to realize the significance of seeing the world from a wide and variety of perspectives but not just conventional and stereotyped ones. After a lot of learning, we had long-awaited culture sharing time!!! We learned the culture of each country and had a very wonderful time. Only one day is left now. I would love to cherish each moment I can spend with my friends on the final day.